PBS's Very Own Video Contest

Video Contest.jpgUser-generated video contests have been cropping up on the interactive landscape for a few years now. Remember that stop action Amazon.com Kindle® commercial you saw on TV the other day? Or the Casual Friday ad for Careerbuilder.com that aired during Super Bowl XLIV? Both of these popular spots were winning submissions from user-generated video contests that helped Amazon and CareerBuilder leverage untapped talent to support their brand, create excitement, and engage the public in a cool, innovative, and creative way. 

Last month PBS launched its own exciting video contest asking the public to tell us what they think is most surprising about PBS.  Like Amazon and CareerBuilder, the YOUR PBS Video Contest is our chance to reach people in a new way. Although this is a national contest, when we ask the public to tell us and show us what they think, our best resources are local stations. With Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube there are several ways that stations can communicate with the online community, but the video contest strives to go further as a way for stations to not only reach out but to get something back.

Local stations can communicate directly with the community through the contest and motivate people to respond by creating a 30-second video featuring something that might surprise others about PBS.  By actively demonstrating to the community that they are interested in what they have to say, local stations can leverage user submitted videos on the local level to create ongoing conversation.

So next time you see that Casual Friday or Kindle® commercial, think about how cool and innovative it would be to see a promo on PBS that was created from someone in your community.  

For more information about the video contest including prizes, rules, and current submissions, visit http://www.videocontest.pbs.org.

Please let us know if there is anything we can provide to make it easier for you to connect your viewers to the contest or promote it at your station.

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