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earth_day_go_channel.jpgTo celebrate the arrival of April, we thought it would be helpful to provide information on all the special content being planned across PBS, PBS KIDS, PBS Parents and COVE in celebration of Earth Day.  After you peruse these links, please let us know what you think of national content updates like these.  Are they useful?  Are we providing enough lead time to help you plan?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments!

Share the Earth Day

First, the KIDS team typically goes all out in celebration of Earth Day, and is planning a coordinated online and on-air "Share the Earth Day" experience (if you missed the press release posted in the announcement section of Communicate | Promote in Connect, you can find it here:

Online highlights include:

A page aggregating green/earth day related games across

Additional Links: - Aggregation of games related to the environment - Aggregation of games related to nature


Many PBS KIDS GO! properties will also be featuring eco- friendly games:

Green Challenge
Groovy Garden

The Greens:


It's My Life:
Green Living:


Two new environment themed games coming in the next couple of weeks!

Earth Friendly Science Investigations:


The PBS KIDS GO! video player will feature the online premiere of WORDGIRL's "Earth Day Girl" episode, as well as a themed channel of Earth Day episodes.

The video premiere will also be available in PBS KIDS GO! video module.

PBS Parents

The PBS Parents team has updated the Earth Month feature:  Including the following content categories:

•    PBS KID activities
•    Tips for throwing a green party
•    Connecting kids with nature
•    Book recommendations

PBS Parents will also have a Q&A featuring Kimberly Brenneman, education advisor for Sid the Science Kid.  She'll discuss how parents and caregivers can create science learning moments for children.  Her Q&A will be live from April 19 - April 30 at 


The national COVE video portal features a "Be Green" collection at   It will contain the upcoming American Experience Earth Days after it airs on Monday, April 19th.

Stations with local COVE portals may feature this collection and related Earth Day programming locally as well.

earth_days_facebook.jpgAmerican Experience: Earth Days

American Experience is celebrating Earth Day by premiering the program  Earth Days, a 102-minute documentary by Robert Stone (Guerilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst, Oswald's Ghost, Civilian Conservation Corps):

The film traces the origins of the modern environmental movement through the story of nine Americans who propelled the movement from its beginnings in the 1950s to its moment of triumph in 1970 with the first Earth Day, and to its status as a major political force in America.

Earth Days Facebook Screening

In addition to the on-air premier on April 19th, American Experience will be premiering the film online for their Facebook fans on Sunday, April 11th (!/EarthDays?ref=ts)

WGBH Station relations is offering resources to stations wishing to participate in the online premiere, including badges that link to the AmEx Facebook page, an embeddable trailer and a downloadable teacher's guide.  More information is posted in PBS Connect:

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