Monthly Archives: April 2010

Local Video Monetization (and more) Comes to Cove

With turbocharged COVE roll out coming to a close, we on the Station Products & Innovation team are now turning our attention to some crucial functionality.  Below are a few of the recent additions to COVE: 1.  Better robots While... Read More »

RSS: It Really is Simple

You may have heard about RSS feeds lately - what with Merlin coming and all. But if you aren't too familiar with the acronym, which translates to "Really Simple Syndication." We are here to helpIn a nutshell, RSS is an... Read More »

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Earth Day Content from PBS

To celebrate the arrival of April, we thought it would be helpful to provide information on all the special content being planned across PBS, PBS KIDS, PBS Parents and COVE in celebration of Earth Day.  After you peruse these links,... Read More »

Introducing Disqus: On-site Engagement with User Comments

Over the last year and a half, PBS Engage has been proud to offer you an easy to use and customizable commenting tool for your websites. As technology has advanced and stations have become more savvy in engaging audiences online,... Read More »