Local Video Monetization (and more) Comes to Cove


With turbocharged COVE roll out coming to a close, we on the Station Products & Innovation team are now turning our attention to some crucial functionality.  Below are a few of the recent additions to COVE:

1.  Better robots

While we considered integrating basic AI technology into the first releases of COVE, resources initially prohibited creating a race of humanoid robots.

With the latest iteration of COVE, stations can now develop bipedal robots capable of executing basic tasks and speaking.

Stations using COVE Pro will have access to self-conscious robots capable of feeling human emotion. (Because of the risk of a robot uprising inherent in any upgrade, we recommend first testing in QA.)

2. Genetic modification

Famed hacker and open-source advocate Eric S. Raymond told us "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."  The Personal Genome Project aims to apply that logic to genetics, asking its 100,000 participants to share their genetic code with the general public.  

Ever on the bleeding edge, SP&I wants to take the project a step further.  Starting later this month, stations will be able to upload the genetic code of one (or more) organisms directly into the Admin Tool.

NOTE: It may take up to an hour for the attributes of your chosen hybrid-beast to display on your portal.

3. Video Monetization

Beginning May 3, SP&I will begin rolling out local video monetization capability.  The main feature of local video monetization is the ability to place in-stream ads (such as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll) against local content and include a tethered companion banner ad on local video pages.  Stations can also display overlay sponsorship messages.

NOTE: Because the ability to monetize follows ownership of content, only COVE Pro stations, those adding local content to COVE, will be able to take advantage of monetization.

Video monetization in COVE is made possible through a partnership with the video ad serving company LiveRail.  Similar to the Limelight arrangement, PBS has secured a deal with LiveRail guaranteeing reduced rates to stations.  Additionally, many 3rd-party adservers are compatible with LiveRail and can be integrated into the system.

Each station implementation takes 2 weeks - one week for account set up, one week for user support.  Each account setup comes with a 30-day no obligation trial of the LiveRail product, free of charge.

We are all excited about rolling out local video monetization and believe it will provide stations with another venue to secure sponsorship.

If you are eligible for Local Video Monetization, you should have received a packet with more detailed instructions.  Please return this information to station_video@pbs.org by April 30, 2010.  (If you have not received this packet, but believe you should have, please contact us.)

UPDATE: A brief, but regrettable, period of hostility between robot-warriors and hybrid beast creatures has caused a significant drain on our resources.  SP&I, therefore, will be discontinuing support for products #1 and #2.  Item #3, Local Video Monetization, is still rolling out as scheduled.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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