Monthly Archives: May 2010

KLRN: 2010 PBS Interactive Innovation Award Winner

The second Annual Innovation of the Year Award winners were announced last week at Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. This year's winners are KLRN's College Call In and WPBT's KidVision VPK   Winners received a scholarship to attend Annual Meeting and... Read More »

Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), Crisis in the Gulf

In response to the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, several stations including Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), pulled together data and social media assets to create an informative, site experience, Crisis in the Gulf.  Jeanne Lamy, Web Project... Read More »

PBS Annual Meeting - Daily Round-up 5/19/10

Adventure. It starts with a desire to have it and ends with a great story about it. Today's theme at the PBS Annual Conference was adventure. From learning about science with the Cat in the Hat, the first animated Dr.... Read More »

PBS Annual Meeting - Daily Round-up 5/18/10

Starting with an energetic breakfast featuring the Kratt brothers, to inspirational clips of upcoming PBS programs, to an awe inspiring Freedom Rider,  to exciting new technology - one theme kept popping up today: each and every one of us has... Read More »

PBS Annual Meeting - Daily Round-up 5/17/10

If there is one thing that was made clear today at the Digital Media Executive Session it is that the possibilities may be endless but knowing the options, keeping it simple, and focusing on what would be best for YOUR... Read More »

Liking Facebook

It's been a very exciting couple of weeks for social media on the web, Twitter held its first ever "Chirp" conference, and Facebook hosted the 3rd annual "F8" developer conference. Both companies announced many new features, and products that will... Read More »