Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), Crisis in the Gulf

In response to the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, several stations including Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), pulled together data and social media assets to create an informative, site experience, Crisis in the Gulf
Jeanne Lamy, Web Project Manager at LPB reports, "Our goal was to pull together essential, reliable data as quickly as possible. The site went live via our CMS within an 8-hour period, including its companion social media page built on ning.com."   

A similar page on lpb.org that relays hurricane information and protection tips, lpb.org/hurricane, provided the necessary building blocks to expedite the Crisis in the Gulf's launch.  Station Products & Innovation asked Jeanne to share the work plan and resources LPB used to launch the Crisis in the Gulf page. 

Our primary video sources are our own production crew with playlists built from our own LPB video, official state feeds, and PBS NewsHour video. Our "Louisiana: The State We're In" hosts Charlie Whinham and Shauna Sanford contribute the bulk of our video updates. Our production crew connected with the office of the governor for direct feeds of important information. Internally, programming and production have worked closely with the web team to ensure timely and accurate access to necessary files. Choosing trusted sources on national & local levels to extend our data such as the governor's office, state and federal agencies, and PBS and her affiliates are good sources. PBS NewsHour's Anna Shoup is an amazing resource and connection-maker!

We are applying the mashable basics: Google mapping, YouTube for appropriate video LPB 2.JPGplaylists, Flickr for images, Twitter for brief updates & retweets.

My personal delight this time around has been the aggregation of multiple RSS feeds into viable, current headlines via magpie for minimal time & space with maximum data accessibility.

It is amazing how much information sharing we can support and provide with the right tools & partners!

Thank you, Jeanne for taking the time to answer our questions and share your information with stations. If you have additional questions or comments for Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB),  please feel free to post them below.

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    Thanks Jeanne! It's great for us as a national producer to have creative stations like LPB in the area when a news story hits unexpectedly. Keep up the good work, though I do wish this particular news story would end.

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