PBS Annual Meeting - Daily Round-up 5/17/10

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If there is one thing that was made clear today at the Digital Media Executive Session it is that the possibilities may be endless but knowing the options, keeping it simple, and focusing on what would be best for YOUR station is the number one thing you can do.

Today's key take-aways:

"What is your gift?" - Calvin Carter, Founder of Bottle Rocket Apps, asked station executives to think about what makes their station unique and to leverage that distinctive quality while reaching out to the audience both on air and online.

Content + Context = Increased Revenue - KLRU's Director of Development, Shane Guitar, shared his station's best practices about tying content to the audience's affininty for KLRU's programming with what he calls "contextual fundraising."

PBS is about empowerment - Lani Rosales, President of New Media Lab talked about how important it is for stations to trust their audience to do some of the heavy lifting for them by building their brand with word-of-mouth networking and accepting more User Generated Content.

For more information on this session and the rest of the 2010 PBS Annual Meeting, please check out PBS' conference site here.

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    The quote of the day for me way, "The future of marketing is not how many people bought your stuff but how many people participated in your brand."

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