PBS Annual Meeting - Daily Round-up 5/19/10

Adventure. It starts with a desire to have it and ends with a great story about it. Today's theme at the PBS Annual Conference was adventure. From learning about science with the Cat in the Hat, the first animated Dr. Seuss series ever; to walking the highwire with CIRCUS, to experimenting with the latest technology online, PBS is the number one place to go on an adventure with.

Today's key take-aways:

  • "Just what our brand needs: a big dose of silly." PBS exec Leslie Rotenberg nailed it when she spoke at the Cat in Hat Knows A Lot About That! breakfast this morning. The new animated PBS KIDS series features comedian Martin Short as the Cat in the Hat who takes preschoolers on silly adventures that engage them in scientific exploration and discovery.

  • Running away with the circus has never been more appealing. One of this year's most anticipated pop outs, CIRCUS, created by Show of Force (Carrier), will take viewers behind the scenes of the Big Apple Circus - complete with crazy clowns, daring tightrope walkers, and astounding acrobats. 

  • Technology is constantly changing - where will it take us next? This afternoon's Creative Sparks session featured stations and producers who shared their adventures to develop creative innovations. Later in the afternoon, PBS' Senior Vice President of PBS Interactive Product Development & Innovation, Jason Seiken, joined us via video (he and his wife welcomed a new baby girl this very morning!) to introduce 5 new innovative adventures that will transform PBS.

For more information on these sessions and the rest of the 2010 PBS Annual Meeting, please check out PBS' conference site here. For more photos from the 2010 PBS Annual Meeting, please see our Flickr page in the PBS Press Room.

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