Y1 PBS KIDS GO! Grant, WGTE's A...B...See Me

A...B...See Me! is a series of online video learning adventures, developed by WGTE Public Media in Toledo, Ohio that allows children to upload their photo that is then superimposed onto the lead character who navigates a space-pod through each quest.

Content is applicable for 6-10 year-olds, and each adventure concentrates on a different topic. Kids are able to:
  • Blast off to the moon
  • Look at life under the sea
  • Shrink down into a bug's world
  • Check out some cool monuments
  • Learn how cell phones work

The adventure player provides children with the opportunity to take a quick quiz to see what they learned; send their adventure to friends; watch it again; try a new adventure; or, check out some additional educational links. These simple adventures empower, educate and entertain.

FAQ's about the tool or implementation

Stations can include the A...B...See Me Adventure Player on their Website by embedding a few simple lines of code. Since A...B...See Me is a hosted application, there are no additional hardware or software requirements for stations wanting to implement on their site. The player can also be branded with station logos. Stations interested in implementing A...B...See Me on their Website can visit PBS Remote Control.

Can I brand this for my station?
Yes, you can brand it with your own station logo.

Will I need additional hardware or software?
No, because it is a hosted application, you won't need any additional hardware or software.

Are there promotional materials available?

A promotional toolkit was created to support the A...B...See Me product. You can find supporting materials on PBS Station Remote Control.

Where is the best placement for this on my Website?

We recommend the kids section, as well as any parent and teacher sections.

What if a child doesn't have the ability to upload a photo of their own? Public computer?
WGTE created a series of five fun characters for the children to use and place in the case that they do not have any digital photos of themselves or if they are on a public computer.

Will the tool upload large files?

There is code included that will automatically resize any photos that are too large to limit the amount of time for the loading process.  

What happens if I can't get the code to work properly or if I have any problems?

You can call WGTE's New Media department at 419-380-4610 at any time to ask questions.

For more information on how to implement A...B... See Me! visit Station Remote Control.
Have fun with this! As we promote and take out this into the community, kids are enjoying the activity while learning. The laughter from seeing themselves in the space-pod is priceless!

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