Monthly Archives: July 2010

An Eye Toward the Future: KQED News and Public Media in the 21st Century

Earlier this month, KQED Public Media launched, a forward-thinking online expansion of the organization's growing news and public affairs initiatives.  The site features extensive cross-platform content from PBS, NPR, and KQED's own television and radio services.  In conjunction with... Read More »

PBS KIDS GO! Y2 Web Grants

 In the second year of a three-year grant cycle, PBS KIDS GO! asked ten stations to create locally relevant, replicable, interactive content for kids aged 6-10.  As the project nears its end, we're excited to present four new tools for... Read More »

WPBT: Facebook Live Events

Live Facebook events have become an innovative way for stations to engage communities and take part in online program discussions. Miami, Florida's WPBT2 has already produced four live FB events since May. Most recently, they have conducted live chat following... Read More »

Keys to the Merlin Kingdom: PBS Login Accounts Explained

Once upon a time in ye olde days of Camelot, King Arthur and Merlin would meet with their trusted Knights of the Round Table to plan the progress of their glorious kingdom. This summer, the SPI team at PBS has... Read More »

Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Crisis in the Gulf: Three Months Later

In late April, an explosive fireball rocked BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig, causing it to collapse into the Gulf of Mexico.  As flames erupted from the water's surface and thousands of gallons of crude oil began gushing into local fishing... Read More »

PBA's Atlanta PlanIt: Bringing Arts & Culture to the Web 2.0 Generation

Since 2009, Public Broadcasting Atlanta (PBA) has been working with the Metro Atlanta Arts and Culture Coalition (MAACC) to curate and maintain Atlanta PlanIt, metro Atlanta's premier free online guide to the region's diverse arts and culture events, organizations, and... Read More »

Project Merlin, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Content Channels

Last week, thirteen PBS stations from across the country kicked off the Merlin Pilot program.  So far, stations participating in the pilot have seen a demo of the Merlin Admin tool and discussed the ways they will need to begin... Read More »