PBS KIDS GO! Y2 Web Grants

In the second year of a three-year grant cycle, PBS KIDS GO! asked ten stations to create locally relevant, replicable, interactive content for kids aged 6-10.  As the project nears its end, we're excited to present four new tools for engaging your local audience and enhancing online interactive offerings!

A...B...See Me Word Blaster! by WGTE places kids in the center of the action as they pilot a spacecraft bent on destroying the wrong answers to questions based on a literacy WordBlaster.jpgcurriculum.  Kids can upload their own photo or use a pre-existing silly picture to man a ship
that helps them explore synonyms, antonyms, adjectives and compound words.  Implementation and maintenance are easy and WGTE provides a promotional toolkit to help drive traffic to the game.  Check it out here on SRC!     

We Can Waste Wise by WFSU/WDSC uses a series of mini games to teach players what 
WCWW.jpgcan and cannot be recycled or donated; how to separate plastics, metals, paper, glass and
compost; and how to create fun art from what might have been junk!  Links to the PBS KIDS
GO! video player tie favorite shows to the lessons and a partnership with Earth911.com allows an on-site search for local recycling centers.  A simple online admin makes customization for your local community a breeze!  Check it out here in SRC!

Let's Go Shopping with Read-A-Roo by UNC-TV takes kids on a virtual shopping trip with Bently, Roo and Marvin to pick out healthy fruit and vegetable snacks.  Make your grocery list then pick your groceries up after being introduced to the cast
Roo.jpg via the PBS KIDS GO! video player.  Stations can customize links at the end of the video to point to their own local health initiatives.  Check it out here on SRC!

Detective Squad GO! by KBTC makes a gumshoe out of local kids.  Utilizing the video player, kids will seek out clues to solve
Detective.jpg a case and become a full-fledged Sherlock!  A pre-existing case can easily be inserted onto your station's site or you can choose to customize the case, creating your own clues, prizes and links to the appropriate videos on your local PBS KIDS GO! video player.  Detective Kimie never misses a chance to solve a puzzle; we hope you'll join him!  Check it out here on SRC!

That's not all, folks!  Want to know what environmental issues are important to kids near you?  PBS KIDS GO! has teamed up with the producers of EekoWorld to offer you a localized EekoCreature widget.
EekoCreature.jpg Kids can see the most recent local EekoCreatures with mottos and scores right next to your station logo; a single click will skyrocket them to the game to add their own creature to the mix.  Check it out here on SRC!

Make sure to stay tuned! 
More locally relevant, station-produced modules are on their way at the end of August.  If you've implemented any of these modules or have questions about the PBS KIDS GO! Grants, feel free to comment below or send your thoughts or questions to Tricia George (tmgeorge@pbs.org).

This article was submitted by Tricia George, Production Associate for PBS KIDS and primary contact for PBS KIDS GO! Grant projects.

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