Getting to know... Daryl Johnson

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1. What do you do at PBS Interactive?
As the newest intern for the Station Products and Innovation team, I am assisting in the launch of the website. I write for the team's blog and provide my assistance whenever needed. Let's just say I am man of many hats. I have not had to get any coffee for anyone yet, but we will see how long that will last. As a Communications student at Bowie State University, I am elated to incept my career with PBS.

2. How did you get involved with Public Media?
As a child, I grew up watching Public Television. One of the first shows I remember watching was "Reading Rainbow" with LeVar Burton. That show inspired me to read and later on inspired me to pursue a position with PBS. Honestly, there is a rewarding feeling that comes with doing Public Television because it feels unadulterated and unlike a lot of the other options out there.

3. How will the interactive landscape change over the next few years?
There is no way to tell where the interactive landscape is going because technology literally changes right before our eyes these days. Every time you blink, there is a new technology being released. I think one alternative for the interactive landscape is you will eventually be able to think it and it will come up. Just think Google Instant on steroids with a hint of ESP.

4. If the Internet didn't exist, what job would you have?
Ummm, I think I would be unemployed. The internet is a pervasive part of our lives that no one is able to escape anymore. I do not know how people ever lived before the internet was created, I do everything online, so I would be lost without it.

5. What is your favorite gadget and why?
OMG, my favorite gadget is my HTC Incredible Android Phone. Calling it incredible is an understatement because I literally feel like I have the whole world in the palm of my hand with this phone. There is nothing I am not able to do with this phone because it does everything. The aspect of the phone I love most is that it continually keeps me connected to everything and everyone. I live a busy life, so having a gadget that moves as fast as me makes a lot of difference. As much as I love my phone, I am sure it will become obsolete soon. Ooops, it just did.

6. If you could have dinner with any three people from history, who would they be and why?
Cleopatra- She is one of the most powerful women ever in history, especially during a time when men dominated, so I would want to know what her secret to overcoming adversity in light of many obstacles.

Zora Neale Hurston- Every since I first read "Their Eyes Were Watching God," I became addicted to her. When I was in AP English, we learned that in order to develop your own writing style, you have to understand the writing style of other writers and incorporate it into your own. Well, I did just that and it helped me become the writer I am today. But I really would want to talk to her about the Harlem Renaissance and what it was like to exist in such an exciting time in history.

CoCo Chanel- Few designers have had such an impact on fashion such as the impact CoCo Chanel left. She created one of the first and most legendary fashion houses, so I would love to pick her mind and know what is the source of her creativity. In addition, I would want to know how her passion drove her to be the best in her industry.

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