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Local Video Monetization (and more) Comes to Cove

With turbocharged COVE roll out coming to a close, we on the Station Products & Innovation team are now turning our attention to some crucial functionality.  Below are a few of the recent additions to COVE: 1.  Better robots While... Read More »

Localized traffic reporting, fabulous living.

Last Thursday Station Products & Services and Amy Sample, PBS's Director of Web Analytics, presented the new version of the localized traffic report.  Below is an overview of localization. Microsoft Founder Bill Gates' 11,500-square-foot estate rests on 5 acres, planted... Read More »

CNAME URL set up (and robots).

In the last few weeks, we have received a few questions regarding the CNAME URL set up.  Below is a brief (non-technical) explanation of how the CNAME URL set up works. ... Read More »

COVE Products Rollout to Stations!

Yesterday Station Products & Services distributed its COVE Product Survey.  (Found here.)  Much like a debutante and her cotillion, we decided to celebrate its release with a blog post.  For more information, please visit the COVE Resource Center.  Be sure... Read More »

Thirteen launches Station Video Portal powered by COVE

As the COVE Pilot Program draws to a close, we're continuing to highlight station launches.  This week, we talk with Thirteen's David Hirmes and Debbie Adler about their video portal. ( 1. Can you describe the programs added to your... Read More »

Getting to Know... Josh Berg

1. What do you do at PBS Interactive? I am helping stations in the pilot program implement COVE.  Eventually, figuring out how to best roll out COVE to the bulk of the stations.  Trying to use as entree into... Read More »