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Boston Pubcamp 2010 - Recap

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending Boston's Pubcamp, hosted by WGBH and organized by a team representing several Boston area media outlets.  If you're not yet familiar with the concept, Pubcamp, or Public Media Camp is a... Read More »

2010 PBS Interactive Innovation Award Winner: WPBT

As reported last week, PBS Interactive awarded two stations with Innovation of the Year Awards this year.  Winners received a scholarship to attend Annual Meeting and thanks to a generous contribution from Adobe, winners will also receive licenses for... Read More »

KLRN: 2010 PBS Interactive Innovation Award Winner

The second Annual Innovation of the Year Award winners were announced last week at Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. This year's winners are KLRN's College Call In and WPBT's KidVision VPK   Winners received a scholarship to attend Annual Meeting and... Read More »

Earth Day Content from PBS

To celebrate the arrival of April, we thought it would be helpful to provide information on all the special content being planned across PBS, PBS KIDS, PBS Parents and COVE in celebration of Earth Day.  After you peruse these links,... Read More »

March Specials Promos - What Do You Think?

A few weeks ago, our colleagues in Fundraising Programming came to us to say, "We've finally been able to get streaming rights for several promos for upcoming pledge programs.  Could you help us get them on the internet?"  Always willing... Read More »

Envisioning the Future of Online Schedules

Last week we had a rare opportunity to bring the members of the PBS Interactive Station Advisory Council, and some additional station TV Schedule gurus in to our offices to do some brainstorming around our road-map for improvements and updates... Read More »

From KQED: You Decide - Challenge Your Audience's Economic Assumptions

Today we hear from Nick Vidinsky, a web producer at KQED Public Media, about the You Decide tools they created as part of the Economy Collaboration funded by CPB:Want to challenge your audience with provocative economic data, but you just... Read More »

Getting to Know... Sara Terpeny

1. What do you do at PBS Interactive?What don't I do?  I help manage the creation of new online products and services for stations, manage the Station Remote Control site, and help support, maintain and troubleshoot all of our existing... Read More »

COVE Customization Tip: Keep Left!

If your station is currently implementing COVE Pro or COVE Plus, be careful when designing your header image to keep your logo and branding within the designated "safe space" of 650px X  92px starting from the left.  The "safe space"... Read More »

The Economy Collaboration Part 2 - Ready-to-Use Resources

As promised, Dan Haggerty returns to talk about additional resources related to coverage of the economy:In my last post I wrote about the continuing need the public has for information about the economy and the recession. I also gave you... Read More »

Economy Collaboration Part 1 - Economic Video Widget

In the first of a two-part series, Dan Haggerty, Digital Video Associate Producer here a PBS, shares a preview of the Economic Video Widget coming soon as part of the Economy Collaboration Project:Today marks the first anniversary of the day... Read More »

COVE QotD: Do I Have to Have a Flash Streaming Server to Participate?

Stations will need to have access to stream Flash video in order to add local content to COVE (only COVE Pro). This may be through a major CDN such as Limelight or Akamai, servers owned by your station, or servers... Read More »

COVE QotD: What is the cost to the local stations?

Starting today, we'll be posting a COVE related question and answer daily.  If you have additional questions, add them to the comments or send them directly to us at  The full text of today's question is: What is the... Read More »

QotD: When Can I Get my Hands on COVE?

Today's Question of the Day is by far our most frequently asked question this week:Q: When will you be releasing COVE to non-pilot stations?  I've got content queued up and ready to go, and can't wait to get my hands... Read More »

WHYY launches Station Video Portal powered by COVE

This week marked the launch of the second Station Video Portal from the COVE pilot program, WHYY (  As more of the pilot station video portals begin to launch across the web, we asked WHYY's Rich Baniewicz to shed light... Read More »

PBS Engage - Who Can You Reach on Facebook?

Lauren Saks from PBS Engage offers some insights about the reach of Facebook:Are you nervous about setting up a page for your station?  Think it won't be worth the time and effort?  Think again.The PBS Facebook fan page boasts over... Read More »

KLRN Kids Club

Today,  in our mission to highlight local station projects, we hear from Ellen Evans of KLRN, San Antonio on their new home for KLRN's KIDS Club. 1. Please describe the KLRN Kids Club for our readers (  Our new KLRN Kids... Read More »

KTEH Wins the First PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award

This afternoon at the PBS Showcase conference, Jason Seiken announced that KTEH has won the first annual PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award for their project, KTEH Cooks with Garlic.In an effort that combined user generated content, online video... Read More »

Science Central from KNME

This week,  in our continuing series to highlight local station projects, we hear from Chad Davis of KNME on their science education site, Science Central and related Science Cafes.1. Please describe the Science Cafés and Science Central for our... Read More » - 1 Implementation Down, 170+ to go

Yesterday afternoon a colleague stopped me in the hallway to express her congratulations on the launch of the new video portal on  It has been a long road to get that experience out the door, and it has been... Read More » from WTIU

In the second entry in our series to highlight local station projects, we hear from Phil Meyer of WTIU on their new site, Please describe Newsmatters for our is where WTIU (PBS) and WFIU (NPR) compile local,... Read More »

Getting to Know... Meaghan Zimmerman

In the fourth in our series to help you get to know the faces behind PBS Interactive, here is a "Getting to Know You" Q&A with Meaghan Zimmerman, Assistant Director of Station Products & Services:1. What do you do at... Read More »

Getting to Know... Kristin Calhoun

In the third in our series to help you get to know the faces behind PBS Interactive, here is a "Getting to Know You" Q&A with Kristin Calhoun, Director of Station Products & Services:1. What do you do at PBS... Read More »

Using Twitter to Connect with Local Audiences

Lauren Saks from PBS Engage offers up some advice to stations looking to get started on Twitter: If I've learned one thing from working in social media, it has been how to write clever or informational things in a very... Read More »

DTV Modules - Version 1.1

We now have some preliminary designs to illustrate what we think a version 1.1 update will look like.  The upgrades currently on the table are:1. Make the full day view easier to find2. Provide an easy to find full week... Read More »

DTV Modules - User Testing

The PBSi DTV team is deep in the throes of planning for user testing of the new modules later this month.  We're close to completing a strategy for the testing that we believe will put us in a strong position... Read More »

DTV- Channel Lineup Update

Good News!  We've found a solution to the channel suppression bug that has been affecting some stations.   As mentioned in the recent Channel Lineup post, when a station has multiple channels that air the same content, it has been possible... Read More »

Stations Engage Communities through Interactive Media

In the latest posting from PBS Engage, Lauren Saks muses on the social media efforts of some local stations:  PBS is gearing up for South by Southwest, so I have been extra keen on all things Texas lately.  KLRU combines... Read More »

DTV- Where's my Full Week View?

In the five years I've worked in station services at PBS, I don't know how many times someone at PBS asks me some variation of "what do stations really need?"  Now, I've never presumed to have an all-seeing eye that... Read More »

DTV Tip - When Your Channel Lineup is Wrong

We've been hearing from many stations with questions about the channels being listed for their station, and thought it would be helpful to provide a bit more information on how we receive and display that channel information as well as... Read More »

Meet PBS Engage

I just updated my Facebook status.  I let everyone in my network know that I was having chicken salad for lunch.  An hour later, an old friend from high school replied with her lunch plans.  Connection rekindled.  Turns out... Read More »

DTV Module Tip - Increasing font size in the program info pane

We have heard from many stations having trouble with small font sizes in the new suite of tools; specifically within the program information pane.  What seems to be happening is that even when a station increases the size of the... Read More »

What Does the DTV Delay Mean for Online TV Schedules?

  In case you missed it, yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives voted to delay the DTV transition until June 12th.  With the announcement, teams all over the building here began to scramble to devise the best way to help... Read More »

Getting to Know - Shawnte McQueen

We thought it would be fun to spend some time indroducing those of us working behind the scenes at PBS Interactive.  In the first of a series that we hope will expand to include PBS and station staff alike, here's... Read More »

DTV Modules - CSS Tips

Now that the new DTV Schedules have launched, we thought it would help those stations getting set up to share some of the most frequently asked questions we're receiving here.  To start, here are two tips for those of you... Read More »

What is COVE?

The term "COVE" has been heard pretty widely throughout the system lately. It's a term used quite readily to describe the new "player" being developed by PBS to feature local and national content. While this is accurate, the term COVE... Read More »

Welcome to the SP&S Blog

Happy New Year, and welcome to v.1 of the new Station Products and Services Blog!  This space is designed to be one small step towards creating a more collaborative environment between PBS station Web professionals and PBS Interactive staff.  To... Read More »