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PBS KIDS GO! Y2 Web Grants

 In the second year of a three-year grant cycle, PBS KIDS GO! asked ten stations to create locally relevant, replicable, interactive content for kids aged 6-10.  As the project nears its end, we're excited to present four new tools for... Read More »


PBS KIDS has made exciting new design and OawvInRaf4 updates to the current PBS KIDS GO! video module. This module was originally launched for stations' websites in 2008. The latest round of updates will go live on July 6th, 2010. ... Read More »

Y1 PBS KIDS GO! Grant, WGTE's A...B...See Me

 A...B...See Me! is a series of online video learning adventures, developed by WGTE Public Media in Toledo, Ohio that allows children to upload their photo that is then superimposed onto the lead character who navigates a space-pod through each quest.... Read More »


SRC along with WFSU recently launched the PBS KIDS GO!  FacePlace.  Trisha Moynihan will be answering SP&I's questions about the new, free online site that gives children the chance to learn, while dipping their toes into the new age of... Read More »

PBS Annual Meeting - Daily Round-up 5/19/10

Adventure. It starts with a desire to have it and ends with a great story about it. Today's theme at the PBS Annual Conference was adventure. From learning about science with the Cat in the Hat, the first animated Dr.... Read More »

PBS KIDS Preschool Video Module for Stations

Since the national launch on PBS KIDS, the success of the Preschool Video player has been amazing. In the month of December alone the player had 66 million stream requests at This is a daily stream average of 2.12... Read More »