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UNC-TV and The Tenth Inning: A Social Media Grand Slam

When Ken Burns walked out of the dugout and onto the field at Nationals Park in Washington D.C., he emerged in front of an electrified, smartphone-wielding crowd that was busily tapping away at pocket-sized devices to digitally document the historic... Read More »

An Eye Toward the Future: KQED News and Public Media in the 21st Century

Earlier this month, KQED Public Media launched, a forward-thinking online expansion of the organization's growing news and public affairs initiatives.  The site features extensive cross-platform content from PBS, NPR, and KQED's own television and radio services.  In conjunction with... Read More »

WPBT: Facebook Live Events

Live Facebook events have become an innovative way for stations to engage communities and take part in online program discussions. Miami, Florida's WPBT2 has already produced four live FB events since May. Most recently, they have conducted live chat following... Read More »

Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Crisis in the Gulf: Three Months Later

In late April, an explosive fireball rocked BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig, causing it to collapse into the Gulf of Mexico.  As flames erupted from the water's surface and thousands of gallons of crude oil began gushing into local fishing... Read More »

PBA's Atlanta PlanIt: Bringing Arts & Culture to the Web 2.0 Generation

Since 2009, Public Broadcasting Atlanta (PBA) has been working with the Metro Atlanta Arts and Culture Coalition (MAACC) to curate and maintain Atlanta PlanIt, metro Atlanta's premier free online guide to the region's diverse arts and culture events, organizations, and... Read More »

Y1 PBS KIDS GO! Grant, WGTE's A...B...See Me

 A...B...See Me! is a series of online video learning adventures, developed by WGTE Public Media in Toledo, Ohio that allows children to upload their photo that is then superimposed onto the lead character who navigates a space-pod through each quest.... Read More »


SRC along with WFSU recently launched the PBS KIDS GO!  FacePlace.  Trisha Moynihan will be answering SP&I's questions about the new, free online site that gives children the chance to learn, while dipping their toes into the new age of... Read More »

2010 PBS Interactive Innovation Award Winner: WPBT

As reported last week, PBS Interactive awarded two stations with Innovation of the Year Awards this year.  Winners received a scholarship to attend Annual Meeting and thanks to a generous contribution from Adobe, winners will also receive licenses for... Read More »

KLRN: 2010 PBS Interactive Innovation Award Winner

The second Annual Innovation of the Year Award winners were announced last week at Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. This year's winners are KLRN's College Call In and WPBT's KidVision VPK   Winners received a scholarship to attend Annual Meeting and... Read More »

Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), Crisis in the Gulf

In response to the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, several stations including Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), pulled together data and social media assets to create an informative, site experience, Crisis in the Gulf.  Jeanne Lamy, Web Project... Read More »

PBS Interactive Innovation Awards

DEADLINE EXTENDED!PBS Interactive wants to recognize your innovative efforts in digital media. Last year KTEH took home the PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year title with their project "KTEH Cooks with Garlic." The innovative success of this project was the... Read More »

UNC-TV's Health Care Reform: North Carolina's Watch on Washington

UNC-TV's Health Care Reform: North Carolina's Watch on Washington  is our latest station project in the spotlight.   This project is a success story of how a station incorporated timely, local and national content, while interactively engaging the viewer through calls... Read More »

Thirteen launches Station Video Portal powered by COVE

As the COVE Pilot Program draws to a close, we're continuing to highlight station launches.  This week, we talk with Thirteen's David Hirmes and Debbie Adler about their video portal. ( 1. Can you describe the programs added to your... Read More »

WHYY launches Station Video Portal powered by COVE

This week marked the launch of the second Station Video Portal from the COVE pilot program, WHYY (  As more of the pilot station video portals begin to launch across the web, we asked WHYY's Rich Baniewicz to shed light... Read More »

KLRN Kids Club

Today,  in our mission to highlight local station projects, we hear from Ellen Evans of KLRN, San Antonio on their new home for KLRN's KIDS Club. 1. Please describe the KLRN Kids Club for our readers (  Our new KLRN Kids... Read More »

KTEH Wins the First PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award

This afternoon at the PBS Showcase conference, Jason Seiken announced that KTEH has won the first annual PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award for their project, KTEH Cooks with Garlic.In an effort that combined user generated content, online video... Read More »

Science Central from KNME

This week,  in our continuing series to highlight local station projects, we hear from Chad Davis of KNME on their science education site, Science Central and related Science Cafes.1. Please describe the Science Cafés and Science Central for our... Read More » from WTIU

In the second entry in our series to highlight local station projects, we hear from Phil Meyer of WTIU on their new site, Please describe Newsmatters for our is where WTIU (PBS) and WFIU (NPR) compile local,... Read More »


Application Deadline: Friday, April 10, 2009Instructions and Application Materials located HERE.This year, PBS Interactive has announced a new award to recognize stations that have demonstrated excellence and innovative web OawvInRaf4 efforts. The Innovation of the Year award is an opportunity... Read More »