1. What’s the first line of Hamlet?
a) "Who’s there?"
b) "To be or not to be…"
c) "Long live the King!"
d) "Where is this sight?"

The first line of Hamlet is "Who’s there?"

2. Who is the ghost in Hamlet?
a) A dead soldier
b) The Future Spirit
c) Prince Hamlet’s father
d) Space Ghost

The ghost in Hamlet is Hamlet’s father, the former King of Denmark.

3. Which of the following is a character found in Hamlet?
a) Iago
b) Banquo
c) Horatio
d) Henry V

Horatio is Hamlet’s friend

4. True or false: Hamlet says the famous line, "To be or not to be, that is the question."

Hamlet says this line while contemplating suicide. Pretty morbid dude, huh?

5. True or false: At the beginning of Hamlet, Hamlet is mourning the death of his mother, the Queen of Denmark.

Hamlet is actually mourning the death of his father, who, it turns out, was murdered by Hamlet's uncle Claudius.

6. One of the elements of the tragic figure, according to Aristotle, is that they face uncommon suffering with uncommon:
a) agility
b) indifference
c) dignity
d) timidity

Tragic figures may lose their money, their mind, or even their life, but not their dignity.

7. Which one of the following Shakespeare plays is NOT considered a tragedy?
a) Twelfth Night
b) Hamlet
c) Othello
d) Macbeth

8. Claudius is Hamlet’s:
a) brother
b) friend
c) uncle
d) son

Claudius is Hamlet's uncle and the newly crowned King of Denmark.

9. True or false: Tragedies of the Middle Ages are different from Elizabethan tragedies in that they were written as dramatic plays rather then teaching stories.

Tragedies written in the Middle Ages were written to teach the audience various lessons, such as humility or caution.

10. Generally speaking, Shakespeare wrote __ tragedies.
a) 5
b) 10
c) 15
d) 1 gazillion

Shakespeare wrote 10 tragedies, from Titus Andronicus to Timon of Athens.

11. True or false: Shakespeare's plays were not performed during his lifetime.

Unlike many authors, Shakespeare was able to enjoy the labors of his genius in his own lifetime.

12. True or false: Shakespeare often wrote in a poetic form known as "iambic pentameter."

Most Elizabethan playwrights used iambic pentameter, but Shakespeare was one of the best at it.

13. Probably the most famous tragedy ever written in the English language is:
a) Macbeth
b) Oedipus Rex
c) Romeo and Juliet
d) Hamlet

Hamlet is a deep, rich play that lends itself to many interpretations.

14. True or false: Among other things, stoics believe people should be impassive to pain and suffering.

Hamlet comes close to stoicism at the beginning of Act V, but his outlook turns by the end of the play.

15. Which of these characters is alive at the end of Hamlet?
a) Hamlet
b) Queen Gertrude
c) Laertes
d) Claudius
e) None of the above

The end of Hamlet is a real blood bath. Hamlet, Queen Gertrude, Laertes, and Claudius all die in the exciting conclusion.

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