1. A good analogy for the Internet is:
a) the interstate highway system
b) the solar system
c) the judicial system

2. Because information on the Internet doesn’t always take the shortest distance between two points, we say that the Internet is:
a) a meandering fool
b) detour-ridden
c) a redundant network

3. The Internet was created by:
a) the U.S. Postal Service
b) the U.S. Military
c) Al Gore

4. What’s the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet?
a) The Web is the information and the Net is the means of access.
b) The Web is the means of access and the Net is the information.
c) The Web doesn’t really exist; the Net contains both access and info.

5. The word “modem” is a contraction of the words:
a) “modulate” and “demodulate”
b) “mo” and “dem”
c) “model airplane” and “demolition derby”

6. You should share your Internet password with:
a) your friends
b) unscrupulous business associates
c) no one

7. When composing an email, the “Subject” line is important because:
a) it’s the first thing the recipient sees before opening the email
b) regular mail doesn’t have a “Subject” line
c) you can make your email sound more important than it really is

8. Internet-savvy people refer to regular mail as
a) the Pony Express
b) snail mail
c) The Postman Always Rings Twice, But You’re Never Home Mail

9. The difference between a chat room and a listserve is:
a) chat rooms are more fun than listserves
b) chat rooms are usually “real time” discussions, while listserves are not
c) the price of the beverages

10. One way to secure your email is:
a) encryption
b) encroachment
c) encumbrance

11. Which of the following is NOT a type of hyperlink:
a) colored text
b) icons
c) bunnies

12. URL stands for:
a) User Really Lost
b) Universal Resource Locator
c) Unlimited Roaming License

13. For advanced searches, search engines generally follow:
a) boolean logic
b) randomization
c) natural selection

14. The shorthand acronym IMHO stands for:
a) In My Humble Opinion
b) I Must Have Onions
c) International Maintenance Health Organization

15. Junk email is referred to as:
a) tofu
b) pork
c) spam

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