Postcard front
Postcard: April 3, 1912
From: Mrs. Judd (friend)
To: Anna Strasburger Mott

Postcard back
"Dear Friend: Having fine weather, will finish putting in the crop next week. Have been to [sic] busy to put in garden. Have several hens sitting also the incubator on duck eggs. Our teacher resigned so now have a man, Mr. Orth from St. John. Getting cloudy and colder so guess it will rain. Charles Barber is helping us put in the crop so with the teacher you see I have quite a family and am alone to do the work. Edward is terrible and cross to [sic] I thought when he got to walking he would be a better boy but he is spoiled I guess. Have not heard from you for a long time but hope you are all well and that the baby is doing fine. Your friend Mrs. Judd"
Courtesy Family of Anna Strasburger Mott