Exemplary Exhibits

These exhibits are the best of those submitted by participants in the PBS TeacherLine/ISTE Capstone Certificate Program to demonstrate their proficiency in the ISTE NETS for Teachers.

Capstone I

Joe Tobin The American Revolution View Exhibit
Crispino, Elizabeth Long Ago & Today Inquiry Unit View Exhibit
LaMaster, Jennifer AP Government Terminology Wiki View Exhibit
Massey, Sandra American Revolutionary War Unit View Exhibit
Parson, Nathanael Fluency with Podcasts View Exhibit
Calma, Heidi My Capstones I Exhibit View Exhibit

Capstone II

OConnor, Beth NMS Goes Green! View Exhibit
LaMaster, Jennifer The Secret Life of Bees and Other Integration Adventures View Exhibit
Crispino, Elizabeth Natural Disasters Inquiry View Exhibit
Rollosson, Melissa Wetlands and Watersheds View Exhibit

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