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Perceptions of Mathematical Patterns

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Topology, the study of fundamental shape, is a field of mathematics that concerns those properties of an object that remain the same even when the object is stretched and squashed. One of its critical functions is in helping us understand the shape of the universe. The conventional notion of dimension consists of three degrees of freedom: length, width, and height. But many real-world objects are measured more accurately with dimensions other than these. Symmetry, an idea that underlies what humans consider to be beautiful, drives right to the heart of mathematical thinking. In this course, you will reach beyond the formulas and computations to explore the mathematics behind patterns, relationships, and real world problems. Along the way, you will meet some of the fascinating people who are studying today's emerging questions about mathematics, and learn about the historical significance of typical mathematical concepts. Through Annenberg Learner videos, interactive activities, and problem solving, you will delve into the "why" and not just the "how" of mathematical questions.

Note: This is a self-paced course accessible for one year after enrollment, and not eligible for graduate credit.

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