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04/18/2018 - 05/29/2018

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Phonemic Awareness & Phonics: A Window Into Exemplary Instruction (K-3)

Course Section Description:

This course is truly for the practitioner who is not only interested in learning about how to help children cross the bridge from oral language to fully evolved literacy, but also for those who are willing to turn the lens on their own instruction with the mindset of reflection and refinement. In this facilitated course you will fine tune your understanding of the reciprocal relationship between phonemic awareness and phonics, and the role that both play in children’s accurate and rapid word-solving, behaviors that serve as cornerstones of future reading success. You will read evidence-based descriptions of recommended instructional practices. You will analyze and respond to classroom scenarios. Through required readings, and lectures, you will gain insight into teaching strategies that support children’s development of both phonemic awareness and phonics. Via video, you will step into the classrooms of various teachers to watch as they encounter “problems of the practice.” You will have the chance to construct your own ideas of what went wrong, make connections to what you have learned, and describe how you might address this problem in your own teaching routines. Over the course of six sessions, you will also explore with fidelity the role of trustworthy assessment in informing our instructional decisions; you will learn to distinguish between intervention and remediation; you will get to examine multimodal text sets and evaluate them as teaching resources; and you will look closely at factors which engage students in reading right from the start. The course was authored by Jeanne Paratore, Professor of Education and Coordinator of the Reading Education and Literacy and Language Education Programs at Boston University. She is a published expert in the field of emergent literacy, and a master lecturer who appears in the course’s video lecture segments.

Note: This is a facilitated course. Learners submit coursework and participate in asynchronous discussions throughout the course term, and receive graded feedback.

For assignments and evaluation details, see the full Syllabus.

The number of hours identified for each course reflects time spent online, but does not reflect the total time spent completing offline coursework and assignments. All learners are different and you will likely spend double the indicated number of hours completing all coursework depending on your learning style and work habits.

Graduate Credit Information:
Graduate credit may be obtained from the provider(s) listed below, for an additional fee after the course begins.
Sierra Nevada College - 3.0 credits - pricing
Morningside College - 3.0 credits - pricing
Central Michigan University - 3.0 credits - pricing
Erin Haney
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Reading/Language Arts
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