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01/16/2019 - 02/26/2019

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A Curiosity-Driven Approach to Teaching K-2 Science

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Explore ways to maximize young children’s science knowledge and understanding – helping them to think, act, and talk like the scientists we know they are! Through this highly collaborative course, you will develop a firm understanding of inquiry-based, connected learning, and culturally relevant approaches to build upon children’s natural curiosities and strengthen their knowledge of essential concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
You will deepen your understanding of foundational knowledge and implications for teaching and learning as you read evidence-based descriptions of teaching practices and examine PBS KIDS lesson plans that integrate high-quality digital media and resources. Step into Alicia Poulin’s first-grade classroom to see PBS KIDS Teaching Tips in action and listen to this exceptional teacher as she discusses her instructional approach. Along the way, you will acquire strategies and develop resources to strengthen science teaching and learning in your classroom. Learn how connected learning can help you deepen children’s conceptual understandings and tap into research-based resources that can connect learners to each other, to family and community members, and to the world-at-large.

Note: This is a facilitated course. Learners submit coursework and participate in asynchronous discussions throughout the course term, and receive graded feedback.

For assignments and evaluation details, see the full Syllabus.

Similar to an in-person undergraduate or graduate-level course, the number of hours identified for this course reflects the expected amount of time learners will spend online, but does not reflect the total time spent completing coursework and assignments offline.

Graduate Credit Information:
Graduate credit may be obtained from the provider(s) listed below, for an additional fee after the course begins.
Ashland University - 3.0 credits - pricing
Sierra Nevada College - 3.0 credits - pricing
Morningside College - 3.0 credits - pricing
Central Michigan University - 3.0 credits - pricing
Charlotte Thornton
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“It is not enough to be an active member of a school team; all of our children deserve the benefit of ideas from colleagues throughout the state and nation.”

Dr. Gaylynn Parker
Information Systems Department
Pascagoula School District