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Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom 101

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Blended learning combines the strength of technology-enhanced learning with traditional face-to-face instructional methods. The models of blended learning continue to evolve as technology integration in the classroom becomes commonplace. This course will provide an overview of blended learning and an in-depth examination of one blended learning model, the flipped classroom. Learners will define strategies for implementing a blended learning model in their classrooms.

Note: This is a self-paced course accessible for one year after enrollment, and not eligible for graduate credit.

For assignments and evaluation details, see the full Syllabus.

Subject Area:
Instructional Technology
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“It is not enough to be an active member of a school team; all of our children deserve the benefit of ideas from colleagues throughout the state and nation.”

Dr. Gaylynn Parker
Information Systems Department
Pascagoula School District