Graphic Organizer Glossary

Concept Map / Flow Chart / Organizational Chart / Outline / Venn Diagram / Web

Concept Map
A concept map is a type of Web that is used for exploring ideas and sharing information. Like a regular web, supporting descriptions or facts are linked to the main idea. However, in a concept map, the links are labeled to explain the relationship between the various ideas. Additionally, the arrows on the links reflect the direction in which the concept map should be read.

Flow Chart

A flow chart describes steps in a process or sequence of events. They are commonly used in science or math classrooms because they clearly lay out information step-by-step.


Organizational Chart
An organizational chart provides a quick snap shot of how the different positions in a business, group, or government relate to each other. It can show hierarchy in an organization as well as the responsibility of one group to another.

Creating an outline is typically the second step of the writing process. When using a program like Inspiration, students can easily see how the ideas that they wrote down in a brainstorming activity can be organized into an outline.

Venn Diagram
Teachers use Venn Diagrams to help students identify and visualize similarities and differences between two things such as characters, events, and places. This diagram is created by drawing two identical and overlapping circles. The information is written within the circles as shown in the example.

When creating a web, the teacher or student puts a single topic or idea in the center of the diagram. Definitions, descriptions or examples that relate to the main idea are then written in shapes (such as circles, bubbles, or icons) that are linked to the main idea as shown in the example. Webs are often used in classrooms for brainstorming activities when students are encouraged to add whatever thoughts they quickly come up with.


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