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What are your standards of academic integrity?

PBS TeacherLine's standards of academic honesty.

Managing Graduate Credit

For Stations with agreements with local graduate credit providers to manage the agreement and the approved courses. Also for Graduate Credit Providers to manage Credits.

TECH1221 Digital Storytelling: Online Tools for Sharing Student Voices


All students have stories to share and many educators have discovered that having students tell their stories using images, sounds, and narrations, can be a powerfully motivating activity for students. In this self-paced course, learners will explore digital stories, learn the steps in having students write and then create digital stories, and explore tools and resources for production. Learners will also consider how they might incorporate digital storytelling into their own curricula. At the end of the course, learners earn a Certificate of Completion.

MATH330 Differentiating Math Lessons for a Range of Learners


Promote equity and meet academic goals and standards by differentiating mathematics instruction for your diverse classroom. This course teaches you how to target students’ individual strengths and provide personalized supports tailored to their specific learning needs. Receive practical advice for differentiating mathematics instruction in grades K-8, including:
• Proven strategies for meeting the needs of the range of learners in your classroom, including at-risk, English learners, and gifted students
• Powerful models for planning and implementing differentiated, standards-based math lessons that align instruction with learning goals and students’ strengths and difficulties
• Assessment practices for supporting differentiation, including diagnostic assessment, formative assessment, and student self-assessment
• Tools and resources to implement immediate changes to your classroom practice

Using the Search Enrollments Tool

Admin: a step by step guide on using the Search Enrollments tool.

Facilitator Tools

How to use the Facilitator Tools to access the official Section Roster and to enter final grades.

How long do I have access to my Self-Paced Courses?

The length of time that a learner has access to a self-paced course.

Using the Enrollment Tool

Admin: a step by step guide to using the Enrollment Tool.

Using the Search Users Tool

Admin: a step by step guide on the Search Users tool.

MATH522 Teaching Math (Grades K-2)


Explore process standards outlined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and develop lessons around them to help K-2 students establish a strong understanding of math concepts and master foundational mathematical thinking. In this course, you will:
• Review the key NCTM process standards in dedicated sessions for Communication, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof, Representation, and Connections, E.g., in the Communication session, learners explore how effective communication can help all learners make sense of mathematics. Learn how to teach students to use oral communication, invented and traditional symbols, movement, pictures, number sentences, and more to share mathematical thinking and express understanding of math concepts.
• Explore effective ways to apply the standards in classroom instruction and integrate their use with content goals
• Develop lesson plans around NCTM standards that strengthen instruction and help students better understand mathematics

50 Results found

Show:   10 20 40 All per page



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