What are your participation and attendance policies?

Before your course

In order to access your course(s), you must first log into the PBS TeacherLine Web site with your registered username and password. Once you log in, you will see your course(s) listed in the "My Courses" page, which is accessible on the top horizontal navigation bar throughout the site. For our self-paced courses you have one year course access after the point of purchase. For our full-length, facilitated courses, you have course access two days before the course start date, the links to your pending courses will become active, upon which you can click the hyper-linked course title to access your course. Please use this two-day window to explore and become familiar with your course. You will not be able to begin your actual assignments until the course start date.

Your facilitator will send you a welcome e-mail on or before the first day of the course. You do not need this e-mail to access and begin your course. You will want to make sure that you have a primary e-mail address in your profile which is one that you can access while taking your course, which you can confirm by accessing your profile page and updating it after you login to PBS TeacherLine. You will also want to keep an eye on any e-mails that might be flagged as "spam" which might be an attempted correspondence from your facilitator, and un-mark it as "spam" so that you do not miss any important e-mails. If you do not receive an e-mail from your facilitator, you can work with the facilitator to resolve the problem once you are active in the course.

During your course

In order to receive a completion certificate and/or graduate credit, you must properly and consistently participate in the course.

After the course start date, you have seven days to log in and begin participating in the discussion board.
You must not be absent from the course for more than six consecutive days. We consider an absent learner to be one who does not log into the course, does not turn in assignments on time, does not contribute to the discussion board, and does not respond to the facilitator via e-mail.
If you do not begin to participate within the first seven days, or if you are absent for more than six consecutive days, you will no longer be eligible to receive a completion certificate or graduate credit, nor will your facilitator evaluate your assignments. In this case, you may still remain in the course and have access to the course readings, materials, and discussions. No refunds are granted for course withdrawals after the seventh day of the course, midnight Eastern Time.

Self-paced courses do not have such restrictions.

After your course

You will have access to your course information for 1 month after you finish your course. We recommend that you copy and save your relevant course files during this timeframe. After the 30-day time period is over, you will no longer be able to access any content from that course.

Self-paced courses do not have an attendance requirement. To earn a certificate for a self-paced course you must successfully complete all quizzes before the year expiration. Self-paced courses are not eligible for graduate credit.

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