Overview of Admin

Welcome to PBS TeacherLine Admin!

This is a new set of tools and pages - launched December 11, 2007.  We are constantly making improvements to the tools and to the data presented. Free free to send suggestions via a help ticket.

Admin has 6 main sections: Community, Courses, Organization, Help, Marketing, and About.

Community is like our bulletin board - with news, services for stations, information about staff, Event details, and grant information.

Courses is where you can do all your course management - Catalogs, section ordering, users, learners, facilitators, promo codes, enrolling folks, and grad credit reports.

Organization has tools to set your station's profile, staff tool permissions, local certificates, graduate credit providers, regions, and content. This is also where the financial information can be found.

Help is all your support needs.

Marketing/Sales is a massive area of information, tools, files, reports, and promotional items. Check out the Sales tab for details on using SalesForce!

About is a great place for any new employee to begin to learn more about PBS TeacherLine. The operation policies are housed here as well - for easy reference.


WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Whether it has moved or been renamed - here is a great list! (let us know if we missed any!)

  • StationLine > TL Admin    (pbs.org/teacherline/admin/)
  • Search Courses > Search Sections     (Courses, Management)
  • Search Enrollments> Search Enrollments    (Courses, Management)
  • Batch Enroll > Enrollment tool    (Courses, Management)
  • Promotion Code Request > Create Promotion     (Courses, Management)
  • Order Courses > Order Sections     (Courses, Management)
  • Manage Courses > Manage Sections     (Courses, Management)
  • Grad Credit Set up > Grad Credit Agreements  (Organization, Management)
Not available yet:
  • Promotion History Report > Promo Code History  (Courses, Reports)
  • Station Royalty Report > Station Royalty Report   (Courses, Reports)
  • Grant Information >  (Community, Grant Information)
  • Notify Me Requests >  Notify Me Report (Courses, Reports)
  • Grad Credit Status >  (Courses, Reports)
  • Grad Credit Enrollment Report >  (Courses, Reports)
  • Quarterly Reports > Quarterly Reports (Organization, Finances)

So please - look around. We know there is much work to be done. Think of this as a garden - with many seeds planted. It just needs a little more time, sunlight, and water - and this will grow.

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