I enrolled via purchase order or through a local station, now what?

Accepting Enrollment Reservations

If your enrollment was not through our shopping cart via the "Course Catalog" on our website, but was payable to a local PBS TeacherLine station or sent via purchase order, you will receive an email to the email address that you offered for your enrollment to accept your enrollment reservation with instruction on how to do so. A reservation will expire 7 days after the enrollment information is received and is processed.

Common Reservation Issues

  • Spam Blocking - If you have not received your enrollment reservation email, check to make sure that it has not been blocked as spam in your email.
  • Local Station Enrollment - If your enrollment information was sent to a local PBS TeacherLine station, not to us nationally, and you are not seeing the course(s) under your "Current Courses," please check with that local station to find out the status of your enrollment. We will not have any more information than you without getting the data from the local station.
  • Pre-existing or new account - If you do not have an account in our system for the email address you offered for enrollment, then you will need to opt to create a new account after clicking "Login," since you will not have a login thus far. If the email address you offered is for an account you already have registered with us, then you will simply login. Upon completion in both cases, you will see a message that you have a pending enrollment to accept, which you click "Yes" to accept or "No" to deny. After clicking "Yes," your course will show up under your "Current Courses" section.

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