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Blythe BennettBlythe Bennett is the Assistant Director of the School Media Program at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. Before entering the library world, Blythe was an elementary classroom teacher and a secondary Spanish teacher.

“I look for the best that the Internet has to offer students and teachers. I look for sites to recommend to PBS Teachers that are content-rich. The Web can provide high quality curriculum support that may include multimedia, text, and interactive components to help a student learn and practice a concept, reinforce prior knowledge, or serve to satisfy a student's curiosity.”


Phil Nast

Philip Nast is currently working with the Roads from Seneca Falls Web site, a women’s history resource for K-12 social studies and U.S. history teachers and students. Phil earned his M.F.A. degree from Syracuse University and has been an elementary and middle school teacher. He is familiar with the curriculum needs of classroom teachers. “I look for books that will elaborate on the textbook treatment of subjects,” says Philip. “My goal is to find titles that grab the interest of students and provide instructional ideas and inspiration to teachers.”


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