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Explore this month's posting of book reviews. You and your students may enjoy reading these noteworthy releases:

Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage

Authored By: Axel Bruns

Published: February 2008

Produsage is peer production, the collaborative and continuous building and extending of content. The author analyzes produsage sites like Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube, and Second Life, and explores the intellectual, technological, and social implications of produsage. A chapter addresses educating produsers.

Resource Type: Recommended Non-PBS Book

Subject: The Arts

Media Literacy in Schools: Practice, Production and Progression

Authored By: Andrew Burn and James Durran

Published: June 2007

The authors have written this book for secondary English, Media, and ICT teachers who want to develop practical media work and media literacy across the curriculum. They show how digital media work can be produced in schools, drawing on children's own knowledge. The book includes a CD-ROM of student work from case study projects presented.

Resource Type: Recommended Non-PBS Book

Subject: The Arts

Visual Story, Second Edition: Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital Media, The

Authored By: Bruce Block

Published: November 2007

The author examines the relationship between story/script structure and visual structure in film, video, animation, or video games. Understanding visual structure facilitates the communication of mood and emotion. Chapters cover contrast and affinity, space, line and shape, tone, color, movement, and rhythm.

Resource Type: Recommended Non-PBS Book

Subject: The Arts

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