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Explore this month's posting of book reviews. You and your students may enjoy reading these noteworthy releases:

Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School

Authored By: John Medina

Published: March 2008

Do you tout your ability to multitask? Fagetaboutit. The author explains that our brains can pay attention to only one thing at a time. The brain focuses on concepts separately and sequentially, so that what seems to us to be multitasking is really attention shifting. So what? Studies show that interruptions, shifting from one task to another, increase a task?s completion time and error rates by 50%. In twelve chapters, Medina describes brain rules such as every brain is wired differently, sleep and exercise boost brain power, and vision trumps all of the other senses; offers ideas for implementation and contemplation; and ends with a summary page. The book includes a DVD tour of the 12 brain rules.

Resource Type: Recommended Non-PBS Book

Subject: Health & Fitness

Fine As We Are

Authored By: Algy Craig Hall

Published: April 2008

Little Frog is an only frog and happy, so when his mother asks if he?d like a brother or sister, he says we?re fine as we are. Then he notices the tadpoles in the pond, lots of them. Suddenly his quiet life becomes a madhouse. ?They only want to be like you,? says his mother, but it takes more than an explanation for Little Frog to accept the change in his life.

Resource Type: Recommended Non-PBS Book

Subject: Health & Fitness

Major: A Black Athlete, a White Era, and the Fight to Be the World's Fastest Human Being

Authored By: Todd Balf

Published: February 2008

During the bicycle craze at the turn of the 20th century, track racing was a stadium filling attraction. Balf, a bike racing journalist, focuses on Major Taylor, an African American in a sport dominated by whites, and his quest to become the world?s fastest man. The saga ends with his greatest race against rival Floyd McFarland, ?The Human Engine? held in Australia in 1904. This book is a tale of a triumphant underdog who became our first African American sports celebrity.

Resource Type: Recommended Non-PBS Book

Subject: Health & Fitness

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