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Explore this month's posting of book reviews. You and your students may enjoy reading these noteworthy releases:

Codes and Ciphers

Authored By: Sean Callery

Published: January 2008

Callery covers the history of codes and ciphers from hieroglyphics to cyberspace. He looks at code-breaking devices, Native American smoke signals, flags and semaphore, Braille, Morse code, and mono- and polyalphabetic letter substitution. The book features sidebars, many illustrations, a glossary, and recommendations for further reading.

Resource Type: Recommended Non-PBS Book

Subject: Math

Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction

Authored By: Ken Binmore

Published: November 2007

Game theory, a branch of applied mathematics, is the study of games when they are played rationally. To reach a larger audience, this brief introduction explains game theory without mathematical equations. An expert in the field, the author examines game theory in the sciences, particularly evolutionary biology, psychology, ethics, politics, and economics. The book contains many illustrations.

Resource Type: Recommended Non-PBS Book

Subject: Math

Making Mathematics with Needlework: Ten Papers and Ten Projects

Authored By: Sarah-Marie Belcastro and Carolyn Yackel

Published: December 2007

The authors, both mathematicians, have combined mathematics papers and fiber arts projects illustrating the concepts. Each chapter addresses the underlying math and presents detailed instructions for a Mobius quilt, bi-directional hat, Sierpinski shawl, torus, symmetries sampler, algebraic socks, Fortunatus’s purse, pillow of braid equivalence, hyperbolic pants, and an embroidered Holbeinian graph. The book has many full-color photos.

Resource Type: Recommended Non-PBS Book

Subject: Math

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