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9-12 | Health & Fitness | Student-created media projects

My Classroom Innovation

Most people think of Health Fitness as a gym with balls; however, WAIS Health Fitness classes explode with innovative lessons integrated with technology. Standard health fitness classes have been removed from the schedule as the needs and interests of the students have been evaluated. I created classes within the TEKS to meet the students’ wellbeing and assist them in creating a healthy lifestyle. Lessons work on goal-setting by creating personal fitness goals each semester according to their needs and include nutrition and physical development in the three components of Health Fitness. Individual needs are met using various forms of technology including shuffles, wii’s and iTouches. A variety of stations are designed specifically to address specific range of activities such as student created videos for spin bikes and student created aerobic videos. Additional resources including the PBS lessons of Motivating Youth to Get More Exercise, Design and Implement a Personal Fitness Plan, and Healthy Choices are incorporated to enrich and implement the fitness environment. Strongly believing that as an instructor, I need to provide students with creative and a variety of activity choices which is accomplished with my research, my wiki postings and internet links found on my wiki:

How Students were Engaged

Innovative use of technology has motivated students to take ownership in their physical wellbeing. Students created videos, developed individual audio exercise programs and participated in stations using wiis and internet linked videos. As a result of my teaching methods and classroom management, students have independently organized game tournaments with Playnormous games, planned competitions with games from class and Wii tournaments during their lunch hour on Fridays. This is a true indication that students are gaining and understanding lessons taught in class about active lifestyle as they create and develop how and what will happen during, before and after class time.

PBS Program/Content Used

Motivating Youth to Get More Exercise, Design and Implement a Personal Fitness Plan, Healthy Choice