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3-5 | Science & Tech | Digital storytelling

My Classroom Innovation

Engaging! This is the first word that comes to mind when I think of an innovative teacher. For this reason, I believe in engaging students with technology and real world application while learning science concepts. For example, my class is currently participating in a recycling project as a result of an “Unsung Hero” grant that I wrote and received. The objective of this project is for the students to analyze the effects of recycling paper on landfills in the Baton Rouge area. As we collect and recycle paper at the school, the students are involved in researching to learn how this will help the environment. One of the specific ways I am able to engage students in the process of completing this project is by incorporating the use of web 2.0 tools. The students are also able to use flip video cameras and Photo Story to create stories digitally. The students have created videos to inform others on the importance of recycling. These videos will be added to our site at Using the PBS and “The Greens” helpful hints, the students created Photo Stories in a media file to post to our site. In the Photo Stories the students will provide helpful information on the importance of recycling. In conclusion, as you can observe from the information above, I am a firm believer in innovating to engage my students in the learning process.

How Students were Engaged

Interactive! This is the word that comes to mind when I think of how this innovation has engaged my students. As we are working towards a goal of collecting and recycling 2000 pounds of paper, the students are learning how to save the environment along the way. Providing the students with an opportunity to become film makers and create their own movies has offered an interactive learning experience. Allowing the students the opportunity to make something meaningful in a digital form has facilitated their excitement for science, thereby engaging them in learning.

PBS Program/Content Used

PBS Teachers - Zerofootprint KidsCalculator and "The Greens"