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K-2 | Science & Tech | Student-created media projects

My Classroom Innovation

Presenting the findings of a research project has the potential to be mundane and dry. Therefore, I developed an innovative project that uses 3-D technology to make the research both fun to present, and fun to listen to. In working with two of our second grade classes, students read An Octopus is Amazing by Patricia Lauber. They then generated a list of sea creatures that were covered in the book. From this list, students chose a sea creature to research and learn about their prey, habitat, physical features, and a few other interesting facts about that creature. Based on their findings, students developed “scripts”, created props, and were taught how to use the 3-D webcam to shoot their research project presentation. For the final presentation, the students helped transform the computer lab into a movie theater and they each shared their film with their teacher, principal, assistant principal, and district administrators at our “premiere”. I feel I am an innovator as nothing like this has been done in my district and this is just one example of how I try to incorporate technology so as to enhance the educational experience of the children in my building.

How Students were Engaged

Students were engaged throughout the project using multiple tools and applications. First students performed research utilizing books and teacher chosen websites. Upon completion of their research, students collected their findings in a graphic organizer from which they wrote a “script”. Simultaneously, students worked with myself and their art teacher to create relevant props for their 3-D movie presentation. Students learned how to shoot video using the 3-D webcam and then filmed each other sharing their research findings. Finally, students uploaded these videos into MovieMaker and added a title and credits.

PBS Program/Content Used

DragonflyTV/Living Things Episodes