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First Place

9-12 | Other | Hands on activities

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My Classroom Innovation

Students were actively engaged in learning how to plan an event that featured the arts on our campus. The Marketing students created a luncheon for a $10 donation to benefit a local food bank. The students did a cross curricular project to get over 100 students in 5 classrooms involved in the event. The students had a special lunch provided for the teachers on campus. While working with the ceramics classroom to make our bowls for this service learning project, the pbs video on Craft in America was reviewed. It is important for students to appreciate all the gifts and talents people have to offer in our society and to understand the nature of craftsmanship that is becoming a lost art form. Students studied the theory for marketing, advertising and event planning but really learned the most by planning a real event for a real cause. All the students from all the classes created a one-of-a-kind event for over 100 teachers and raised $1,000 for the charity. Students also remembered that while their bowl was full today, there are many in our communities that have Empty Bowls every day.

How Students were Engaged

Marketing students were able to find their place on the team to create a meaningful service learning project. These students had to work together, appreciate all aspects of the event and how all the groups worked together with their unique talents to make this a successful fundraiser for the hungry in our community. Students took on leadership roles on various committees while learning about management, leadership, delegating and conflict resolution. The students oversaw the other classes that were working to make this event a reality. The students make a difference and they felt great about that!

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