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First Place

9-12 | Science & Tech | Hands on activities

Station None in None

My Classroom Innovation

I enjoy engaging my students with project-based activities that involve real-world applications of the concepts taught in class. The submitted video clip describes the Toy Engineering Project in which they must create a toy based on some aspect of physics and, as would be typical in the corporate world, must also develop a prospectus, marketing plan, budget, PowerPoint presentation, and advertisement.

How Students were Engaged

The students were first captured by the idea of toys as this was something that everyone has had positive experiences with. I then arranged for elementary students from a nearby elementary school to visit their presentation and judge their toys which brought out the competitive nature of each group. My students on a yearly basis look forward to this project, as do I, and I am continually amazed as to the ingenuity and creativity exhibited by this project.

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