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First Place

6-8 | All | Student-created media projects

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My Classroom Innovation

Instruction is given on how to make animation with slide show. I use SMART Notebook software to show how to create animation. I use SMART to push lesson to each computer in my class. They also learn how to make a movie using Windows Media player. (Student helpers are sent around the room to help with students having trouble making or recording their video) Students that can teach also learn from the teaching. Students are then given the assignment electronically with a rubric. A couple of my fellow teachers are very interested in using this idea. Students use information that they have learned to show what they know. This would be perfect for adding to their work portfolio.

How Students were Engaged

Students love to work with computers and create . I have students that struggle with certain subjects but they excel with this activity. My students create a slide show that is related to their real life use of computers. They also learn how to react to a situation dealing with internet safety. They learn how to use several different software media. My students love to make animations. Most of my students go home and create animations on their own time. This project also helps with their communication skills( having talk bubbles) This is one of my projects that students love to work on. Students have used this project to create videos for other subjects like math, social studies, and PE.

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