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First Place

6-8 | Social Studies | Digital storytelling

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My Classroom Innovation

As a 6th grade social studies teacher and sponsor of our school's Diversity Council, I am an innovator because most of my lessons incorporate technology in learning. As a result of my enthusiasm and proficiency in using technology, my students are highly talented in using various technology programs such as Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher. I use innovation in my classroom whenever I want to engage my students in historical events. My 6th grade students enjoy reenacting historical events by creating their own podcasts and digital stories. Furthermore, to help support student learning about the world around them, my students will frequently take virtual field trips and work on inquiry-based projects that incorporate PowerPoint. My submission is one recent example of how I use technology in my classroom. To commemorate Black History Month, my students in Diversity Council wanted to educate the entire school about several influential African Americans. Therefore, we decided to create a digital story using Windows Movie Maker. All of the students contributed to this project, which was viewed by the entire school on the first day of February. The students and teachers at our school loved the project and talked about it for days! Considering that my school is becoming increasingly diverse, I am also an innovator because I find it important to include lessons that educate students about the different cultural groups in our country.

How Students were Engaged

The students worked together in pairs. Each pair chose one prominent African American to learn about. The kids were required to visit several websites (one of them being to research information about the significant African Americans who made many positive contributions to our nation. Students were required to search for the best pictures to include in the project. They discussed which information should be included in the project and also talked about the right music to add to the story. All of their work was added to a shared drive. The students were engaged throughout the entire process while working on this project.

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