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First Place

PreK | All | Student-created media projects

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My Classroom Innovation

Innovation is key in intentional teaching! Working with young children and providing a high quality program demands a high level of understanding in all sorts of domains: child development, family involvement, and knowledge of early childhood curriculum content. It is up to the teacher on how they choose to use their levels of understanding to develop meaningful and high level learning opportunities for children. Being an innovative teacher, my practices are always changing. Through utilizing children's interests, professional resources, families, technology, and a reflective teaching model, I am able to continually uphold a high level of innovation and creativity in my classroom.

How Students were Engaged

The innovative ways in which technology were integrated into this project were developmentally appropriate in a multitude of ways. The utilization and projection of movies and photos offered the children authentic and real world content to learn from. The entire process from start to finish was, including guest speakers, the materials provided, the questions posed, made the process visible, hands on, and promoted high level discussion for the children that was interesting and motivating.

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