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3-5 | Reading & Language Arts | Student-created media projects

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My Classroom Innovation

Imagine a third grade classroom buzzing with the excitement of learning. Students are highly motivated, exploring new things, and expanding their horizons through technology. As a T.I.L.T. teacher in my school district (Teachers Integrating Learning though Technology), I have experienced this precise scenario with my students. Last year I created a PBWorks classroom wiki to "showcase" my students’ work and to share class projects with their families. VoiceThreads created for math, reading, and creative writing were embedded on our site. This year I expanded on this, challenging my students and myself to go even further. Book study topics were researched online; book groups collaborated with one another. Adding creative writing pages gives students a place to “publish” their work. In addition, study pages include such subjects as “Word of the Day” or opportunities to connect with learners around the world. Math, science and social studies creations are also posted. Incorporating Web 2.0 Tools has brought deep enrichment to fruition. As I learn and apply new technologies, my door is always open to my colleagues both in my school and in my district. My two wikis can be found at: Last year’s wiki: This year’s wiki: VoiceThread:

How Students were Engaged

In my third grade classroom, students are highly engaged in learning. Whether creatively writing poetry or stories, the end result in being published online spurs them to completion. Students collaborate and create projects, working together and building relationships. Encouraging one another is evident in their VoiceThreads and comments. Prepared, online lessons prompt my students to explore and discover. Enthusiastically, my students embraced the book study on the Underground Railroad, which I have chosen for submission. It clearly demonstrates the level of collaboration attained by third graders who are intent on knowing more. VoiceThread @

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