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First Place

6-8 | Science & Tech | Hands on activities

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My Classroom Innovation

My pedagogical practices emphasize teamwork, presentence, risk-taking and creative problem solving. Aeroponic gardening is an up and coming technology that NASA has utilized since the mid 1980’s in space experiments but is not common in the public sector. This project is cross-curricular involving Technology education, Food consumer science, Health, and Science. Students explore new growing techniques compared to traditional farming. Students learn that products in today’s market are much different then 50 years ago due to advances in farming relevant to biotechnology practices. Unlike most, Tech. Ed. Class projects utilizing hydroponics we have been able to take cutting edge farming techniques (Aeroponics) and bring them to our middle school students. Students have been able to grow garden-variety vegetables with astounding results. Just in the past six-weeks students have learned about the Aeroponic system, how to build one and how to maintain it for the future. They have utilized prior knowledge and learned new skills in growing plants and vegetables - a lifelong skill. Students have been successful growing food for the FCS cooking classes to use in there recipes. Connecting the curriculum to the students world around them, they can be informed consumers and active members in their community.

How Students were Engaged

I encourage my students to treat each task as an opportunity to explore and expand current levels of expertise. I model qualities that I expect from my students, reaching beyond the immediately known and adapt to new situation despite prior knowledge or skill levels. I expect them to interact with classmates, and with artifacts to develop a creative solution by becoming an adaptive learner. Because my classes often have a “Think Tank” sort of flavor, students anticipate, and enthusiastically contribute to the project. “We Learning together by working together”- Teacher to student / student to teacher and student to student.

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