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First Place

K-2 | All | Interactive white board activities

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My Classroom Innovation

My classroom is full of innovative techniques. My students and I use a lot of technology. I have a Promethean white board, document camera, two flip video camera, and five computers. In language arts, we read books using the document camera. Students get the opportunity to see the books up close and they never say they can not see the pictures. We use online reading sources to read also, like Tumble books, Children’s library, Storyline online, and PBS kids Between the Lions listening stories and reading along on the board. In math we use the document camera to model how to use manipulates while the students practice on the carpet. We use PBS Kids Curious George to learn about estimation using the Super Bouncy Blast Off game. And science we use innovative techniques by enlarging bugs for kids to see the different parts of the bug. On PBS Mama’s World we can use the board to view and sort animal life cycles. Our newest innovation tools are the Flipvideo cameras. Students are videotaped reading. We use these tapes to show what a good reader sounds and looks like. We also compare the improvement in reading over a period of time.

How Students were Engaged

Students are engaged because they can interact with books, movies and games on the white board. They can walk up to the board and highlight sight words, point to characters in the books. Students can track print as we read a book. The technology we use gives students the chance to come up and read the books with the class. The Flipvideo camera really inspires kids to practice reading so they can look good and sound good on the big board. Even my lowest readers pretend to be reading so they can read to the whole class on the camera.

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