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First Place

3-5 | The Arts | Student-created media projects

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My Classroom Innovation

I believe that every child is an artist and a thinker. I am an innovator as I constantly seek out ways for my students to express their ideas and knowledge. The process is a voyage of discovery. Integration is vital. It's the means to connecting the dots, and the arts and technology are the tools by which we communicate what we learn about ourselves and the world around us. Implementation of VoiceThread by using mixed-media art work, digital artwork and Fall Haikus to demonstrate integration is one such innovation. Students wrote their haikus, recorded them using Audacity, uploaded them to VoiceThread to which they then added their artwork. This also demonstrates the spirit of collaboration found in the Studio. We respect each other and each other’s work. We share and thus we learn. As we create, we also determine how we will best share our work. Whether it is through VoiceThread or with our new green screen, students are engaged at a higher level. They also understand the wonder and beauty in collaboratively engaging in the arts, as our Pinwheels for Peace project demonstrated. We share respect and community. We are a community of learners. We have much to share.

How Students were Engaged

By using Haikus in the art classroom as one of the early projects, students were able to see how words inspire us to create works of art, and how works of art evoke feelings and thoughts for which sometimes there are no words. By implementing VoiceThread, our voice is heard via the art, and again via our poetry. It is a means to defining our ideas, and also finding our voice. As students gained confidence in their speaking ability, their confidence in their ideas grew as well. Integration enables students to go beyond the comfort zone, and explore.

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