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PreK | Other | Hands on activities

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My Classroom Innovation

As a Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) teacher I feel my program is innovative because we have established two inclusion programs; Mills Day Care and Students and Teachers Always Reaching (STAR). The Mills Daycare Program was established to provide typically developing role models for our special needs students and daycare for the children of our staff. Typically developing students attend classes with PPCD students. STAR is a unique inclusion program in which students from PPCD, daycare and kindergarten are combined into multi-age, multi-ability groupings for an hour 4 days a week. The purpose is to promote language development, social skills and acceptance of individual diversity. Each of the four classrooms, two PPCD and two kindergarten, has a center with a different focus: literacy and dramatic play, math and science, art and blocks, music and movement Our speech pathologist provides support in the classrooms for the PPCD students and kindergarten students who qualify for speech and language service. Parent volunteers help in the facilitation of this program. The implementation of these programs allows my students with disabilities to have positive role models, while teaching their normal developing peers to accept and respect those different from themselves.

How Students were Engaged

This lesson engaged my students in many ways: • To learn to work cooperatively • To use their senses to make observations • To learn about the science process • To record the results of their experiments • To learn to use the computer • To be excited about learni • It promotes literacy, writing, and math My students need hands on experiences before I use the computer to reinforce the concepts I am introducing. I will often hear them make the connections between the programs I introduce and the hands on experiences we have conducted in our classroom.

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