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First Place

9-12 | Other | Online community tools

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My Classroom Innovation

I’m developing a new course called 21st Century Global Leadership, which is designed to address the Global Leadership Performance Outcomes defined by the Asia Society’s International Small Schools Network: 1) Investigate the World; 2) Recognize Perspectives; 3) Communicate Ideas; 4) Take Action. By helping students develop as digital citizens and skillful users of Web 2.0 tools, I’m hoping to empower them to leverage social media to communicate, collaborate, and co-create knowledge with others around the world. We are currently participating in the NetGenEd Project as part of the Flat Classroom collaborative. My students are working with peers across the U.S. and in six other countries to conduct research and produce a multimedia presentation. The students’ research topics are drawn from the six technology trends listed in the 2010 Horizon Report, which predicts how technology will impact education in the future, as well as the eight characteristics of the Net Generation from Don Tapscott’s book, Grown Up Digital. To help prepare my students for participation in this exciting project, I developed a series of lessons around the impact of digital technology on society in general and education in particular using the Digital Nation documentary and companion website.

How Students were Engaged

This innovative use of the materials on the Digital Nation website as well as the collaborative wiki platform was an engaging way for my students to continue learning while their classmates were away on curricular travel experiences. Rather than simply have the students watch the documentary in class, I chose to have them follow their own interests and move through the material in whatever way suited their particular learning style. The use of the short video clips and interactive media allowed students to be self-directed and follow their curiosity. Asking students to comment on the material and pose questions for one another to answer also made these lessons more student-centered and engaging.

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