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Second Place

6-8 | The Arts | Video Production

Station WGVU in Michigan

My Classroom Innovation

8th grade students produce one minute informational videos that explain the elements and principles of design. In these videos, students define the element or principle and give examples of two artists who use it as well as how students can use it in making their own art. This project is innovative because it is asking students to consider video as a way to present and share information. Students are also capable of chroma keying themselves into paintings or situations. Students use the PBS Art21 resource to learn more about the artists they would like to feature in their video.

How Students were Engaged

Students were engaged throughout the project. They collaborated to create these videos to communicate information to the viewer. They demonstrated gains in learning through working in cooperative groups, problemsolving, devoping scripts, and using technology through filming and editing their work to suit their needs. In our world full of viral videos and time crunched situations, students learned how to edit in ways that engaged a viewer and demonstrated what they know about a topic.

PBS Program/Content Used