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Second Place

6-8 | Math | Video Production

Station WNET in New York

My Classroom Innovation

This unit focused on the teaching/ learning process in a eighth grade math class on geometric transformations in a coordinate plane. This involved interactive and multi-sensory hands-on discovery and practice. After a formal assessment, students were cooperatively grouped to present a wrap up of what they learned in a rap/song production. The process of producing the raps is a valuable learning experience as students were actively involved using their various intelligences. PBS shows such as the Electric Company stimulated the students' interest in making their presentation upbeat and catchy. It also serves as a testimony of the students' mastery level. The videos produced were utilized as test prep materials that benefited the students and as a teaching tool for future students.

How Students were Engaged

Overall, the teaching/learning process and the group presentation/video production have been very effective. WHAT WORKS WELL The lesson presentation, discovery, and practice are meant to make the lesson more tangible and hands –on, and meaningful. Students either used the discovered formulas for transformation or do mechanical transformation in order to identify coordinate points of a translated image. This was evident in the test and the state tests. What made this unit different and more meaningful to the students was when they wrap/generalized their learning by producing a rap production. The process of producing the rap and the final presentation/video itself has valuable advantages in the field of teaching-learning a complex geometry skills and concepts. Students' various talents and intelligences were used to produce the final project. The presentations were all age-appropriate and according to their likes as an adolescent. This has made learning more meaningful and enjoyable to them. The best feedback I got from the students was the clamor to do more of this "stuff". They said that it was fun and learning at the same time. Another benefit I encountered was the easy access to videos that served as test prep review for the March 2010 state test. The instant recall through the videos were very effective in reviewing past lessons. Also, they stared doing rap music to understand and memorize facts in science and social studies.

PBS Program/Content Used

Eelctric Company