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Second Place

9-12 | The Arts | Engineering

Station wosu in Ohio

My Classroom Innovation

The class watched a lesson on e-recycling. This production expressed a possiblity of companies having to buy back items that they sell and find uses for them. This served as the impetus for the tie recycling project. Students developed ties out of various items that could be recycled. It was innovative learning because students applied their learning with hands on engineered ties out of recycled objects. They developed computer aided drawings and made the actual ties. This brought the project full circle to hands-on life application of learning concepts.

How Students were Engaged

Students were engaged in learning. Some of their drawings weren't feasible to make due to material needs etc. Many had to redevelop drawing with modifications and they had to start looking further for easily accessible materials. They learned that engineering processes is not simply producing a drawing and making a project, but that there are also many problem solving processes involved in developing projects. The practical applications was the actual project itself.

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